Greetings all, I am Supersonic Boy. I am a relatively new user to this wiki and the new head admin, as User:SapphireStardust has retired from wikia and I have adopted it since. As you know, this wiki cannot build nor fix itself as the Iron Giant and is in need of good editors, who have an aptitude for writing and a deep interest in the Iron Giant. As you can see, I have updated the appearance of this wiki to a much more professional look, but our information must match it for it to be of any use. I myself and proud to see that our Kent Mansley is relatively done, however we have much more work to do to make this wiki relevant.

As anyone knows, the goal of any wiki is to have the best information and spark interest in others: in this case to see Brad Bird's forgotten masterpiece, for which this wiki is created and perhaps inspire Warner Bros to make a blu ray for this movie. I hope that this wiki amy continue to grow from its small form into a great wiki like the frozen wiki or How to train your dragon wiki. I would also like to mention on a side note that I did work on the Disney wiki for a year, and have a good amount of knowledge of wiki, so if there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

On a more important note, I would like to inform all that I intend on writing a policy for this wiki, for the do's and do nots of this wiki, but for now, BE PROFFESIONAL, BE HONEST, DO THE BEST YOU CAN. In the end, its not the editors who make tons of edits that matter, but its the ones who made effective and rule-abiding edits that do. One REAL edit is worth more than thousands of unqualified and uninspired ones. As a heads up, there will likely be a three strikes and you're out policy, a no photo spamming policy, no fan art on pages, name pictures properly, and no swearing. Anyone found breaking said rules will be blocked or in more sever cases band from this wiki.

Good luck to all,

Nick/Supersonic Boy