Nobody really reads these, since I'm pretty much the only active user, but I thought I'd humor myself and write a blog concerning recent changes around the wiki and reminders.The most current chanegs are as listed:

  • Navbox added to the bottom of all pages for ease of access around the wiki.  I slowly want to add more information to it as more pages get made.  Obviously at this point I want to clean up the current pages first.
  • New tags such as cleanup have been added to some pages.  While some pages are somewhat complete, they do not follow the proper format, sucha s the iron giant page.  Thus the cleanup tag has been added.  So far the only page that is basically complete and correct is the Kent Mansley page.
  • While it still can use improvement, I have gone through the trouble of repixelling the cursor to give it a cleaner sharper image.  I think it looks much better if I do say so myself.  I maye change the color if though to make it even sharer.
  • I have also changed the header.  Before, there was a grey bar I made that was suppose to look like metal, but it just never really looked that good to me.  So, I have changed the bar to be invisible, similar to the new and improved header wikia is testing on some wikia.  It can be a bit hard to read on bright backgrounds, but I think it looks beter overall.

Now for some reminders:

  • Once again, if you are adding a picture, please make sure to name it and put it into the proper category.
  • I've said it a million times: PLEASE DO NOT ADD UNNECCESSARY CATEGORIES.  We do not need a female category because the only notable female character is Annie.  The waitresses and Mrs. Tensedge don't count as their rolls are very minor.  Likewise, we do not need a male category as a result.  We also do not need an antihero category because that is just stupid...think about.  Many of these category decision are based on the fact that like any movie, the cast of characters is small.  We don't need a lot of categories to make them easy to find.  To many categories will actually make them more difficult to find.
  • Frivolous junk will be removed.

And that about raps this blog up.  Again, I expect no one to read this, but this is what si currently going on around the wiki.  Cheers.

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