Biographical information
Full name N/A
Alternative name(s)
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Gender Male (most likely)
Appearance Light brown fur with two antlers
Personal Information
Allies The Iron Giant

Hogarth Hughes

Enemies Two hunters
Chronological and political Information
Occupation None
Voice N/A
This Deer was a wild animal living in Rockwell forest, that Hogarth Hughes and The Iron Giant discovered.

History Edit

While Hogarth and the Iron Giant are walking in the woods they come across the deer and decided to get closer. The deer notices the giant and slowly approaches him then takes off in a hurry, as Hogarth thinks the the giant had made a new friend when suddenly they hear a gun shots from the distance. The giant left aside some trees to find two men who are immediately frightened and quickly runaway, shortly after they see the deer lying lifeless on the ground the giant then tries touching it but Hogarth tells him not to as he says that its dead because the men shot it was a gun which makes the giant remember something but shaped back out of it and soon moans over the poor deer's death.