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The Iron Giant (Original Score)
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Released: Aug 24, 1999
Genre(s): Soundtrack
Length: 50 minutes

The Iron Giant (Original Score) is the official motion picture soundtrack to The Iron Giant. The music of the film was composed and conducted by Michael Kamen.

Bird's original temp score, "a collection of Bernard Hermann cues from 50's and 60's sci-fi films," initially scared Kamen, but believing that the sound of the orchestra was important to the feeling of the film, Kamen decided to comb eastern Europe for an "old-fashioned" sounding orchestra and went to Prague to hear Vladimir Ashkenazy conduct the Czech Philharmonic in Strauss's An Alpine Symphony. Eventually, the Czech Philharmonic was the orchestra used for the film's score, with Bird describing the symphony orchestra as "an amazing collection of musicians."

The score for The Iron Giant was recorded in a rather unconventional manner, compared to most films. The score was recorded over one week at the Rudolfinum in Prague. The music was recorded without conventional uses of syncing the music, in a method Kamen described in a 1999 interview as "[being able to] play the music as if it were a piece of classical repertoire." Kamen's score for The Iron Giant won the Annie Award for Music in an Animated Feature Production on November 6, 1999.

Track Listing[]

  1. The Eye of the Storm - 2:32
  2. Hogarth Hughes - 0:22
  3. Into The Forest - 3:34
  4. The Giant Wakes - 1:25
  5. Come and Get It - 1:46
  6. Cat and Mouse - 0:54
  7. Train Wreck - 1:06
  8. You Can Fix Yourself? - 1:20
  9. Hand Underfoot - 2:02
  10. Bedtime Stories - 2:27
  11. We Gotta Hide - 0:50
  12. His Name is Dean - 0:49
  13. Eating Art - 0:44
  14. Space Car - 0:59
  15. Souls Don't Die - 4:10
  16. Contest of Wills - 4:35
  17. The Army Arrives - 1:34
  18. Annie and Dean - 1:19
  19. He's A Weapon - 2:44
  20. The Giant Discovered - 4:28
  21. Trance-Former - 4:27
  22. No Following - 4:03
  23. The Last Giant Piece - 1:44

Bonus info[]

  • "The Last Giant Piece" also features the track "Duck and Cover" from the video "Atomic Holocaust".
  • Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri and John Williams were among the composers in consideration to score the film before Michael Kamen scored the final film.