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Rockwell Maine
Background Information
Feature films The Iron Giant
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Inspiration Norman Rockwell
Other Information
Other names
Location Maine
Inhabitants Hogarth Hughes, Annie Hughes, Dean McCoppin, Earl Stutz
Visitors Kent Mansley,General Rogard, The Iron Giant
Final state Still standing.

Oh, yeah. That's Rockwell. Nice place, huh?
Hogarth Hughes to the Iron Giant

Rockwell is a fictional town in the 1999 film The Iron Giant. It is a small town by the sea near Portland, where all the events in the film take place.


The City: The City is the main area of Rockwell. It has a couple of shops and other businesses. Many citizens are seen in the city. The Forest: The Forest is located somewhere not too far away from the city. It is used in a couple parts of the movie, like when Hogarth Hughes seeks out The Iron Giant (Character) and when paranoid federal government agent, Kent Mansley was looking for clues about The Iron Giant. Hughes residence: The Hughes Residence is where Hogarth Hughes and Annie Hughes live. It is located not too far away from the forest. It is seen when Hogarth is biking home from the Chat n Chew Diner after his squirrel accident. It is also seen when a train operator points at the house after Kent Mansley asked where can he find a place with a telephone. McCoppin Scrapyard: The McCoppin Scrapyard is located on the outskirts of Rockwell. It is the home and business of Dean McCoppin and also home to The Iron Giant. It is seen when Hogarth and the Giant approach the Scrapyard.

In the opening scene, the sailor Earl Stutz says his ship is at 44N but is so shocked by the Iron Giant falling into the sea that he doesn't give a longitude.  As Rockwell is seen to be on the coast, this would place the fictional town of Rockwell somewhere near the real towns of Rockland or Rockport, Maine. Later, The Nautilus requests the current position for targeting, which happens to be in downtown Rockwell. The provided coordinates are 67.71972 W 44.50177 N, which corresponds to Addison, Maine in reality.

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