Mr. Hughes
Mr. Hughes
Biographical information
Full name
Alternative name(s)
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Gender Male
Personality protective, hardworking, intelligent, caring
Personal Information
Allies Hogarth Hughes, Annie Hughes
Chronological and political Information
Occupation Air Force Pilot
Mr. Hughes was the late father of Hogarth and the late husband of Annie Hughes. He was a Air Force Pilot. His death is unknown but it's implied he was killed in action. He was never in the film, although there is a photo of him in Hogarth's bedroom. He is mentioned by  Hogarth Hughes


  • Although Hogarth's father was never mentioned throughout the final film, but in a scrapped introduction of Hogarth and Annie scene, Annie mentions to Hogarth that he laughs just like his father and Hogarth tells Annie that he misses him.
  • His job is a air force pilot.
  • He looks a lot like Hogarth.
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