• (Referring to a squirrel in pants) Found your pet! (Hogarth: Where?) In my leg, man. Squirrel's up my pants, Hogarth. I'm trying not to wig out here. (Hogarth: Don't wig out.) Okay. He's heading north now... (He gets up) I'm sorry, kid!
  • (To all in the restaurant) I'd like to apologize to everyone in advance for this!
  • (After cutting the squirrel loose) Check, please.
  • (Truck driver: Hey!) Yeah? (Truck driver: You're right in the middle of the road!) Yeah?! (Truck driver: ...Alright.)  I think that's enough "fun" for one day.
  • Sorry about the crowbar, kid. You'd be surprised how many people want to steal scrap. But, man, once I turn it into art, I can't give it away. I mean, what am I? A junkman who makes art or an artist who sells junk? You tell me.
  • Don't worry, kid. Look, it's not my style to report a guy to the authorities. I'm gonna have some coffee. What do you want, some milk, or... what, milk?
  • (to Hogarth) I dunno. This is espresso. It's like Coffeezilla.
  • Look, it's really not my business, kid, but... who cares what these creeps think, you know? They don't decide who you are, you do. You are who you choose to be.
  • (to the Giant) There are two kinds of metal in this yard: Scrap (points to scrap pile) and Art (points to metal art pieces). If you're going to eat one of them, eat the scrap. What you currently have, IN YOUR MOUTH, is ART!!
  • You guys got here just in time. This rich cat, some industrialist, wanted him for the lobby of his company. He whipped out his checkbook right on the spot. I said, "Hey, you got him for the rest of your life. But what, I gotta let go the moment I give birth?" I mean, come on! Give me some time to cut the umbilical, man.
  • It was defensive. He reacted to the gun!
  • (to Hogarth, on his motorcycle) You're not gonna get there fast enough on foot.
  • (to Annie, while comforting Hogarth) It wouldn't matter.
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