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Atomic Holocaust
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Atomic Holocaust is an instructional animated film for children in primary school, likely produced by the US Federal Government's civil defense branch. The film is meant to both raise awareness of nuclear threats against the USA from foreign countries, and give instructions on how to survive.

About the Film[]

The video itself features multiple rather unrealistic examples of what you should do in the case of a nuclear attack. After a little girl in the film sees the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion, she instinctively puts her hands of her head and ducks under the table in front of her. Her entire home is then vaporized into a crater by a bomb that falls on top of her table and destroys everything besides the table and her. The film also features a groundhog mascot that hides underneath an armored hat, along with children saving their parents in the event of a nuclear blast. The entire video screen is destroyed by a bombs at the end of the sequences.

Role in the Film[]

After the disaster at the power station the night before, Hogarth's class watches the video in school. Hogarth himself is more interested in drawing pictures of the Iron Giant on his desk.


Time to duck and cover, the bombs are comin' down.
The radiation shower will pour throughout your town.
Hands over your head; keep low to the ground.
Time to duck and cover, the bombs are comin' down.
Duck and cover. Duck and cover.
Get under the desk with your sister and your brother.
Duck and cover. Duck and cover.
That goes double for your dad and your mother
So hands over your head; keep low to the ground.
Because all the kids that don't will cease to be around.


  • Atomic Holocaust is based on Duck and Cover, an actual film that offered advice on how to survive if the USSR bombed the USA.
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